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You can stay in some of our 11 rooms often photographed for professional magazines.

25 beds in three 3- and eight 2-bed rooms are at your disposal.

Each room has its own and unique atmosphere and style. From the rooms in the 2nd floor, there is a great view to the surrounding fields that gave the name to our guesthouse.

The price for accommodation is CZK 1800.- to 3400.- ( approx. € 70 – 125)




You can find a baroque octagonal chapel “Nalezení svatého Kříže” (the Holy Cross Chapel) in Male Číčovice, which touch in the evening panorama of the guesthouse, above all after the sunset.

The village is situated in the Natural park “Okolí Okoře” dominated by a famous romantic ruin.

Not far from Číčovice, you can find also the Lidice Memorial, reminding the extermination of this village by Nazi and the suffering of its residents.

Thanks to several cycle tracks, the surroundings are perfect for cycling.

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