Escape from the madness of the city

We serve delicious meals made from fresh, seasonal ingredients from our proven suppliers in highest quality standards. You can also enjoy fruits and herbs grown by the restaurant itself.

Viktor Mraz

Owner of Penzion V Polích

Our Services


We are a country restaurant and we are not ashamed of it. On the contrary, we are proud of it. We are inspired by Czech, Moravian, but also Italian or French countryside. Every day we change the menu according to the current offer of fresh ingredients and our inspiration.


You can stay in one of our 11 rooms with a total of 25 beds. There are three triple and eight double rooms. Each room has its own unique atmosphere and style. The rooms on the 2nd floor have a beautiful view of the surrounding fields, which gave our guesthouse a name („v polích“ means „in the filds“).


“This is the place where we want to have our wedding,” is a sentence we hear often. We will be happy to meet you. We make weddings often and with pleasure. The wedding reception can host up to 36 people and we can prepare a party for up to 90 wedding guests.

and many other services …


A separate trainingbuilding for 16 persons makes part of our premises. In this building you will have an undisturbed peace for work. We can offer you flipcharts, wireless internet connection through a Wi-Fi, refreshment – coffee break according to your wish and a projection screen; we can lease for you a projector in case you would need it.

Our training building is used by the following companies: Ogilvy Group, OMD Czech, a.s., Brokers Consulting a.s., Novartis, Nutricia a.s., Mercedes Benz, Hypoteční Banka, Johnson & Johnson, Sdružení pro internetovou reklamu v ČR, z.s.p.o. (SPIR), LEGO, OMV, Česká spořitelna, Red Bull a další.

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